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Stephany Monoenko


Steph started in the industry in 2004. When not at Stache you can find Steph wandering nature! Her passion for gardening, star gazing and exploring the outdoors keeps her spirits high! She also has a love for cooking and traveling with friends and family! She is a true veteran of her craft, and her attention to detail shows through with every service she provides.

Specialities & Techniques

  • Scissor cuts
  • Beard sculpting
  • Waxing services
  • Skin care maintenance

Grooming Advice: ” Pick a style and look that works into your daily lifestyle. If you like to spend that extra time grooming in the morning, try a trendier style. If your more of a 5 minutes and you’re out the door, try a low maintenance cut that grows out well between visits to the barber!”


Julie Raymond

Master Stylist/Manager

Julie got her start in the industry in 2008. A ROC original, you can find Julie eating sushi, strumming on a guitar, and providing as a dog mom. She loves coffee, soaking up the sunshine, and always has music playing. She loves binging shows and, ask her about any movie trivia! She knows more than a thang or two about the classics to modern flicks. She has dedicated her career to men’s grooming and kills it.

Specialties & Techniques

  • Hard parted cuts
  • Sick fades
  • Texturizing wizard
  • Licensed in NY and FL

Grooming advice: “The world of men’s grooming has advanced tremendously over the years, which means it’s broken down the walls of any pre-cognitions that men can’t care about their appearance. Gone is any apprehension or doubt! Treat yo’self.”

Jess Hollister


Jess began her passion and self education in the industry in 2010. Jess is a devout dog mom, loves kayaking, and has a passion for cooking. If there is even a smidge of sunshine, you’ll find Jess out walking the dogs, going for a hike, or sitting at an outdoor dining place(preferably by the water). Jess has 4 brothers so its easy to see why she has chosen to specialize in barbering techniques.

Specialties & Techniques

  • Clean cuts
  • Textured styles
  • Waxing services
  • Attention to detail

Grooming advice: “That style that you’ve been Google image searching for the past 3 months? GO. FOR. IT. Life is too short to not try something new. Based on your hair texture or growth patterns we may need to tweak a few things. BUT! We will get you as close to that look as possible. The worst that can happen is you don’t love it on yourself as much as you did on the model, and then we change it again! Your hair has grown back for you all these years, so it’s likely not going to stop now. So, just go for it!”

Denise Milazzo


Denise has been in the industry since 2009. Denise is very family oriented and loves hearing about any crazy family functions you may have been to! Her favorite season is fall. So expect to see her out at hayrides, haunted houses, and picking apples and pumpkins. She also loves a margarita night with her friends or going out to a movie with her husband. Next time you’re in feel free to share with her your favorite place to grab a drink, or your favorite scary movie!

Specialties & Techniques

  • Hard parted cuts
  • Short layered cuts
  • Beard shaping & shaves
  • Waxing services

Grooming advice: “When you look good, you feel good!”

Bailey Hogan


Bailey got his start in the industry in 2022 at Stache! During his free time you’ll find him out on a nature walk, spending time with his family, or enjoying PC gaming.

Specialties & Techniques

  • Clean tapers
  • Modern styles
  • Sharp edge ups
  • Head shaves

Grooming advice: “Everyone deserves to feel confident and express themselves in a way that makes them happy, and a clean haircut that compliments the features of your face can assure that!”

Amanda Wingender

Barber Apprentice

Amanda began her barbering apprenticeship in April of 2022. We are proud to take her under our wing and help her grow her natural talent! Amanda is a proud dog mom. Some of her favorite evenings include taking them on adventures or snuggling up with them and binge-watching Netflix. She’s always on the lookout for new snowboarding or kayaking spots.

Specialties & Techniques

  • Clean Fade
  • Straight razor work

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